Monday, April 18, 2011

Acessing the Internet - Browsers 2011

Last month the big security event CanSecWest happened. Every year there is also a competition to see who can break in to a computer by hacking the Internet browser (Internet explorer, Firefox etc.). $15,000 going to the first person to break in.

Apple computers stock Internet browser, Safari was taken down in 5 seconds. Internet Explorer 8 took part of a day. Chrome from google, and Firefox from the Mozilla group were never hacked in the 3 days of the show. The new Internet Explorer 9 was released to late for the test. It is not available except to Vista and Windows 7 users.

Firefox is still the best overall way to surf the Internet in my opinion. It is solid and tank like in its use. I do find that I use Chrome more and more and it is becoming a true contender for favorite Internet browser. I still have a fond place for Opera in my toolbox. Opera is sleek and full featured. It is also a must have when you find yourself with a slow Internet connection. Opera has it's own servers that compress content to speed it's delivery to your desktop.

The MAIN thing is Internet Explorer is not safe compared to the others out there. Give Firefox or Chrome a spin...

PS Chrome is being developed into a stand alone Operating System (replace windows), can't wait to see that.

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